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Fun Jumpers Welcome!

When Florida gives you year-round blue skies, you jump!

Whether you just earned your A license or you have a logbook full of stories, we can’t wait to welcome you to North East Florida’s best-rated skydiving center. Licensed skydivers of all experience levels are welcome to join our fun jump community!

Safety Regulations

Above all else, we value your safety. To ensure everyone has a great experience in the air and on the ground, please take note of the following regulations:

  • All jumpers must be USPA members.
  • The landing area requires jumpers to follow a left-hand landing pattern.
  • In front of building is restricted to D License only.
male fun jumper in vertical freefall position
female experienced skydivers hug in animal costumes at World Skydiving Center

World Skydiving Center’s fleet is made up of three Cessna 182s, our industry’s finest workhorses.


DZO Mike Doke is a USPA instructor examiner for UPT, Strong and Wings. For experienced jumpers interested in getting their tandem rating, Mike can train and cross-train you on various manufacturers.

Experienced Pricing

Lift Tickets $25
Recurrency Jumps $125
Coach Jumps $100
Reserve Repacks $75
Gear Rental $25/jump or $75/day
New Rig Assembly $25

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