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Your AFF Skydiving Questions Answered.

There’s nothing we love more than sharing our incredible sport with the world. We would be honored to support you on your skydiving journey as you learn how to fly solo!

If you’ve completed a tandem jump, you can enroll in our AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) program. The course requirements are specific, but you can complete the curriculum at the pace that suits you.

A lot of the details you became acquainted with during your tandem experience apply to your preparation process for AFF, but some things are a bit different. Spend some time with our AFF skydiving FAQs and, of course, reach out if you have questions beyond these listed here or you’re ready to enroll.

We can’t wait to welcome you into the World Skydiving Center community!

Who can participate in the AFF program?

Just like with your tandem experience, you must be at least 18 and provide a valid, government-issued photo identification prior to your jump. While there’s no age maximum (even old dogs can learn new tricks!), get in touch ahead of making your reservation if you are over the age of 50 or have any underlying medical conditions.

What prerequisites are required?

The prerequisite to taking the AFF course is one tandem skydive.

What is the first step?

The first step in the License program is called “AFF” or Accelerated FreeFall Program.  This student training includes the 4-hour training class and the minimum of 7 jumps with certified USPA trained instructors and gear.

Is there a weight limit?

AFF students must weigh 210 pounds or less and be reasonably physically fit in order to safely progress through the course.

When do classes take place?

We typically offer classes every Friday and Saturday. If you don’t see an available date on our booking calendar, please give us a call.

Is it possible to do the classroom training and my first jump in the same day?

Unless there’s a weather issue, students will have their first jump the same day as the classroom training.

What altitude will I jump from?

AFF skydiving students jump from 11,500 feet.

Is all of the gear provided for the AFF course?

Yep! We’ve got you covered.

I have my own gear, can I use it for AFF course?

Nope! Use of our gear is required when required in World Skydiving Center’s AFF course.

How long does it take to complete the full AFF course?

It depends on several factors, including weather and finances. If neither is an obstacle, you can complete AFF in one weekend! Note that your AFF jumps must be no more than 30 days apart in order to seamlessly matriculate through the program. If you miss your window, you will need to purchase a brief refresher course and repeat the previous level before moving on to the next one.

How much does the AFF program cost?

The AFF program costs $1,400.

What is the difference between AFF and the A License?

AFF is your introduction to the world of skydiving solo. AFF is an eight-part course – four to six hours of ground training followed by seven supervised jumps – that teaches you the fundamentals of becoming a licensed skydiver.

To jump without supervision at any dropzone, you have to earn your USPA-sanctioned A license. To get your A, you have to complete 25 skydives (your initial tandem and your seven AFF jumps count toward your total), earn your A-license proficiency card, and know how to pack your own parachute.

If I purchase an AFF package and have to retake a level, is that included in the cost?

If you fail an AFF level, you are responsible for paying to complete that specific level again. Retaking levels is not included in the AFF package price.

How many jumps does it take to become a licensed skydiver?

To become a licensed skydiver you must complete 25 skydives (tandem prerequisite is included). Upon completing 25 jumps you will meet requirements to get your United States Parachute Association “A” license. This license allows you to make solo skydives at any dropzone without supervision.

How much does the A-license program cost?

The A license package is $2,400.

Can my friends come and watch?

Absolutely. We have a designated spectator area that will give them a front row seat to your every jump!

Can we bring our dogs?

No pets, no exceptions.

Do you offer courses in the winter?

Florida, baby. We jump all year. If the weather is cold, you should dress appropriately and bring gloves! Layers are best.

Can I get a refund?

Once you have paid, there are no refunds.

How do I get started?

Contact us for scheduling by calling 904-250-5903, or email us at jump@worldskydivingcenter.com

Until you complete the student program, your jumps must be no more than 30 days apart or you will need to purchase a brief refresher course and repeat the previous level before moving on to the next one.

*Additional fees for USPA membership, per-jump tax, and packing class apply.

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