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Your Path Towards Skydiving Solo

Now: the very best time to seize the day.

Have you ever wanted to skydive solo? Now is your time to start!

Once you have at least one tandem in your logbook, you are qualified to learn how to skydive. World Skydiving Center offers multiple AFF training courses throughout the year and the opportunity to learn from multiple instructors. (And now you have no excuses!)

aff skydiving student learns to skydive with 2 instructors
aff skydiving student in freefall learning to skydive

AFF Course Explained

The first step in the License program is called the Accelerated FreeFall “AFF” Program. This student training includes a four-six hour ground training class and a minimum of seven jumps with certified USPA (United States Parachute Association) trained instructors and gear. Two instructors support your journey for jumps one through three, and one accompanies you on jumps four through seven. To learn more about our exciting AFF course, check out or Learn to Skydive FAQ’s.

Earning Your Skydiving License

With AFF under your belt, the next step to jumping without supervision at any dropzone in the world is earning your “A” license sanctioned by the USPA. To become a licensed skydiver, you must complete 25 skydives. Your initial tandem and your seven AFF jumps count toward your total.

You know what this means? If you’re in it to win it, you could be licensed by the time you go back to work next week!

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