Skydiving Instructors & Crew

Knowledgeable. Experienced. Passionate.

World Skydiving Center is proud to engage the region’s most knowledgeable, experienced and passionate skydiving professionals as part of our ground and sky teams.

Dropzone owner, Mike Doke, is a Senior Rigger who has 10,000+ jumps under his belt. Not only has he done it all over the course of his nearly 20 years in the sky, but he is certified to train others to earn their tandem ratings.

Every one of our professional tandem and AFF skydiving instructors are highly-trained USPA members who are committed to ensuring that every guest – whether a first-timer or a dedicated skydiving student – has a top-notch experience.

If you’re local to Jacksonville or the surrounding area, or you’re coming into town to explore our city’s many attractions, swing through World Skydiving Center for one of the most memorable days of your entire life.

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