Tandem Skydive

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with a Tandem Skydive! Attached to your instructor, you'll exit the airplane for an exciting 120mph freefall followed by a parachute ride with breathtaking views.

Price: $159

Flipping on Exit

Video and Pictures

Two cameras are worn by the Tandem Instructor and capture every moment of your skydiving experience. This is a must have if you have never jumped before. Approximately 150 High Resolution Still Pictures and High Definition Video put on a USB thumb drive before you leave.

Price: $99

AFF Training

Ever wanted to Skydive SOLO?  This is your chance.  The Accelerated Freefall Course teaches you everything you need to begin jumping solo.

Price: $1400

Freefly Skydive Exit

Experienced Jumper

Licensed and Student Jumpers that have been cleared to solo status.  USPA Membership Required.

Price: $25