The Skydiving Experience & Freefall

When will I jump?
After you have done your paperwork and ground training, your jump will be scheduled. The timing will depend on your arrival time, the weather, and the size of your group. Plan to spend up to 2-4 hours as it may take time.

How fast will I fall?
The average speed is 120 mph or 200 ft per second!

How high will we go?
We jump from 10,000 ft.

Can I breathe?
Yes, relax and breathe normally. There is lots of fresh air around you!

What does it feel like?
It’s impossible to describe, but it will be the most invigorating experience you have ever had. You don’t get the sinking stomach feeling that you do on roller coasters or amusement park rides- it really is unlike anything you’ve ever done.

How To Prepare for Your Skydive

What should I wear?
You should dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and wear shoes that will not fall off and don’t have hooks. No hiking boots, flip flops, or sandals.

What about my glasses/contacts?
We will supply goggles that can go over glasses if needed. Contacts are fine, just make sure that your instructor is aware of them so that you get appropriate goggles.

What should I do when I arrive?
Check in at the Student Manifest office, where you will start your paperwork and pay for any extra fees or merchandise. You will be directed from there!

Who Can Jump

Is there an age limit?
You must be at least 18 and provide photo identification. This is standard law for ALL of the United States.

Is there a weight limit?
We take people up to 250lbs. However, there is a fee of $20 for everyone over 200lbs and $1.00 per pound for everyone over 220lbs. Please note that this price may change upon arrival.


Skydiving with Friends

Can my friends come and watch?
Absolutely, but be prepared to wait as mentioned above.

Can we all go together?
Each tandem jumper leaves the plane separately from other jumpers

Can we get just one video for all of us?
Each jump is made separately so the videographer can only video the jumper with whom he jumps.

Can I bring my own camera?

You can take as many pictures as you want on the ground as you wait. However, you may not bring a camera, phone, GoPro, Selfie Stick, etc. for your skydive. Our tandem instructors are professionally trained to use cameras while skydiving and are properly equipped. There is too much risk in you bringing your own; as you are not trained to use them whilst skydiving, the camera could fall and hit someone or damage others’ property, and you could get your device caught in the equipment!

About the Weather

Do you skydive in the winter?
We jump all year. If the weather is cold, you should dress appropriately and bring gloves! Layers are best.

What is weather permitting?
Clouds, rain, and wind can all prevent skydiving from occurring.  If the winds are too strong, the canopies cannot land safely. Blue skies are the best!

Can I get a refund?
Once you have paid, there are no refunds, but you can reschedule your jump for another day.

Other Important Things To Know

The gear used for skydiving is very expensive. Therefore, we would prefer that you do not bring pets. In addition, you may not smoke in or around our gear or office. There is a designated smoking area located in the spectator area.

Each person making a skydive MUST bring a government-issued identification to jump and you must be 18 years of age; NO EXCEPTIONS!